Regain Your Independence

Recovery from life-altering events, such as stroke, surgery, trauma and other health issues may require short or long-term rehabilitation before heading home. Our goal is to rejuvenate our patients, establishing a higher quality of life and level of functionality than they ever thought possible.

Gateway Retirement Community proudly features quality rehabilitation providers, offering occupational, physical and speech therapies. Our expert staff will help you or your loved one recapture health and energy in a loving and compassionate environment.

We can help you achieve a higher level of functioning, and help you get back home whenever possible.

Therapy at Gateway Retirement Community

Occupational Therapy

With the help of our occupational therapists, patients can achieve greater levels of independence in daily living. Our occupational therapists help patients adjust their actions to meet individual goals.

Physical Therapy

When bone, joint, heart, cognitive, or neuromuscular issues arise, physical therapy can help. Exercises, evaluations, and treatments all play a vital role in recovering from short or long-term damage.

Speech Therapy

Licensed speech and language pathologists help patients improve their communication, swallowing ability and other eating issues that may have been affected due to an accident or health issue.

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